10S BMS 4S 6S 8S 30A LiPo Li-ion Protection Board PCM PCB 12V 24V 3.7V 42V 36V

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Over Charge voltage:4.25v±0.05v
Over Discharge voltage: 2.5v±0.02v
Over current :100A
Continuous current:30A
Short Cut:Protectable,Charge can repair

There are 10 singal wires, if you make 4S battery pack, you can just connect 4 wires.
It max can make 10S battery pack.

this board can use as 4S/30A, 5S/30A, 6S/30A, 7S/30A, 8S/30A, 9S/30A, 10S/30A PCM.

There are two connections ways :
1) Charge/discharge with different ports:

"P-" is the discharge negative end,"P+"is the discharge positive end.
" C-" is the charge negative end, "P+" is the charge positive end.
Charge current is 15A;Discharge current is 30A.

2) Charge/discharge with the same ports:

" C- " is the charge/discharge negative end.
" P+ "is the charge/discharge positive end .
Charge/discharge current is 20A

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