16S BMS 45A LiFePO4 Balance Modul PCM 18650 PCB Battery 60V 48V 3.2V 3.6V

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Heat sink size: 120 * 60 * 9mm
Cable length: 400mm
Electrical parameters: As shown in following table

-With a balanced, same port 45A discharge.
-Protection board with overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection.

Attention when connecting:
-When we connect BMS with cells or disassemble BMS from battery pack, the following order and regulations must be complied with to avoid damage of components of BMS and problems of not protecting of cells.
-In order to achieve the best performance of BMS and to run the longest distance, all the battery must be matched well (Each battery voltage ?0.05V, IR?15 mO,capacity?30mAh) to make sure the better consistency of the battery.
-Cell must be connected in parallel first, after then connected in series

Order of connection:
Step1: Connect charging /discharging wire , battery pack negative wire
Step2:After confirm the wires are connected OK, plug the connector cable in the BMS
DO NOT plug CONNECTOR CABLE in the BMS before connect wire!!

Attention, ESD protection during work.

Package Included:
1x 16S 45A Lithium Battery Protection Board

Electrical parameters: (Lithium iron phosphate 3.2V battery)


Continuous Discharging Current

35A 45A 60 A

Instantaneous Discharge Current

100 A 180A 180A
Charge Charging Voltage 58.4 V
Charging Current 35A 45A 60 A
Overcharge Protect Over-charge Detect 3.65±0.05 V
Protect Delay 500 mS
Over-charge release 3.65±0.05 V
Balance Detect Voltage 3.65±0.025 V
Release Voltage 3.65±0.05 V
Balance Current 35±5 mA
Over-discharge Protect Over-discharge Detect 2.55±0.08 V
Over-discharge Detect delay 50 mS
Release Voltage 2.7±0.1 V
Over-current Protect Detect Voltage 150 mV
Detect Delay 9 mS
Current Detect 130±10 A
Release Condition Cut Load
Short-circuit Protect Protect Condition Cut Load
Detect Delay 250 uS
Release Condition Cut Load
Temperature Protect Temperature Protect / ?
Resistance Inner =15 mO
Self-Consumption Working Current =60 uA
Sleep Current (when Over-discharge) =10 uA
Working Temperature Range -40/+90 ?




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