19S 120A BMS LiFePo Battery Modul Protection Board Balance 60V PTC Sensor

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19S 60A LiFePO4 BMS/PCM/PCB battery protection board for 19 Packs 18650 Battery Cell with balance function with temperature switch.

Note: this BMS with balance function. your battery need match, battery should have good consistency, if not sure, please use new brand battery.
this is version D, charge and discharge use difference port.

1) high-accuracy voltage detection circuit;
2) terminal of the charger using high voltage device;
3) Built-in three-stage over-current detection circuit (over-current 1, over-current 2, or load short circuit);
4) MOS transistor can control the battery charge and discharge;
5) low standby current consumption.
30A version: continuous work current: 30A, over current: 60A
40A version: continuous work current: 40A, over current: 80A
60A version: continuous work current: 60A, over current: 120A
60A Parameter:
over charge: 3.75V
over discharge: 2.1V
charge voltage: 3.65V * 19 = 69.35V
continuous work current: 60A
over current: 120A
balance voltage: 3.6V
balance current: 50mA
size: 95mm * 87mm * 10mm
we will send with balance cable(balane wire)

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