3S - 20S BMS 10S 13S 14S 4S 8S Balance wires connection Tester for Battery Packs

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3S~12S Lithium Battery Pack Line Tester LED Detection Fr 10S 36V 13S 48V 16S 60V

Lithium battery test is clear at a glance. Clearly judge whether the cable connection is correct.
The role of the detection board: to prevent the user from wiring errors, no need to check, the LED indicator can clearly determine where there is an error in the cable. Thereby avoid burning the battery protection board.
Material: Glass fiber composite environmental protection material
Applicable to: 3~12 series lithium battery pack
Size: 57*32*6mm 
Plug specifications: PH2.0 and XH2.5 mm


Package Contents
100% Brand New
1 x Tester Board ( not contain cable )



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