3S 4S 5S BMS 100A Protection Board PCB Balancer Li-Ion LiPo 12V 24V 48V

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Li-Ion 3.6V/4.2V

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3S/4S/5S BMS
FOR Li-POLYMER LiMnO Protect Parameter(3.6V/3.7V)
Single cell battery overcharge protect voltage : 4.21-4.29 V
Single cell battery overcharge protect recover voltage : 4.14-4.24 V
Overcharge protect delay : 1.5-2.5S
Single cell battery over-discharge protect voltage : 2.72-2.88 V
Single cell battery over-discharge protect recover voltage : 2.9-3.1 V
Over charge protective current:100A
Over discharge protective current:100A
Over-discharge protect delay : 0.5-1.5S
Temperature protect : Yes,have Temperature control interface.
Disconnect protect : Yes
Shortage protect : Yes
Shortage delay : 100-600 uS
Shortage protect recover mode: Off load release.
Contact discharge current:80A
Synopline discharge current:60A
Charging current:60A
balance function:yes
Ampere balance (Current) : 60MA
Current balance accuracy : 4.14-4.24V
Size: 62x42x5 mm
1.Specified chip, stable performance, support disconnection protection, over-current protection, over discharge protection, overcharge protection, with balance, etc.
2.Common use for “same port” and “different port”, the protection board uses 15 high-power of ultra-low resistance MOS tube (discharge of 8, charging of 7), in the same port mode can support the discharge current 60A, charging current 60A; different port mode discharge current 80A, charging current 60A.
4.Can use for LMO.Ternary lithium battery.LCO(3.7V)battery packs etc.

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