4S BMS LiFePo4 50A 3.2V 3.6V Board 18650 BMS Balance PCB Battery Protection 12V

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4S LiFePO4 30A 3.2V 12.6V 14.14V Board 18650 BMS Balance PCM Battery Protection mit Kabel.
Natürlich auch mit Anleitung wenn erwünscht.

The lithium battery protection board adopts a highly integrated intelligent lithium battery protection board integrated chip, and the performance is superior to the protection board composed of discrete chips. Can complete 3/4/5 string polymer lithium battery, ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide battery charge and discharge protection, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection and equalization function. It adopts 4 milliohm ultra-low internal resistance MOS tube, which has low internal resistance and high efficiency. It is suitable for battery pack applications in different fields such as inverters, DC motors, power tools, and solar street lights. It is common to the same port and diffierent port, and has strong applicability. The protection board has a heat sink and connecting wire.


Single cell Overcharge Protection Voltage: 3.75V ±0.025V

Single cell Overcharge Relieved Voltage: 3.55V ±0.05V

Overcharge Protection Delay: 1S ±200mS

Single cell Over-discharge Protection Voltage: 2.0V ±0.05V

Single cell Over-discharge Relieved Voltage: 2.7V ±0.1V

Over-discharge Protection Delay: 1S ±200mS

Discharge Overcurrent Protection: 70A

Discharge Overcurrent Protection Delay: 100mS ±50mS

Short circuit Protection: Yes

Short circuit Protection Delay: 250uS ±50uS

Short circuit Protection Recovery Mode: Disconnect the load recovery output voltage

Discharge Current: 50A (When more than 20A, please add tin on the back of the PCB to increase the current pass capability.)

Charging Current: 50A (When more than 20A, please add tin on the back of the PCB to increase the current pass capability.)

Balance Function: Yes

Balance Turn-on Voltage: 3.50V ±0.025V

Balance Current: 55mA

Power Failure Protection: Yes

Temperature Protection: Yes (valid when external 10K ohm NTC resistor is connected)

Charge Low Temperature Protection: -7?

Charge High Temperature Protection: 55?

Discharge Low Temperature Protection: 75?

Module Size:60mm x 37mm x 5mm

Package Contents
100% Brand New
1 X 4S/5S 3.2V 50A Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery PCB BMS Protection Board w Balance (Default 4S)

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