4S BMS LiPo Li-ion 30A 4.2V 16.8V Board 18650 Balance PCB Battery Protection

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4S LiPo Li-ion 30A 4.2V 12.6V Board 18650 BMS Balance PCM Battery Protection mit Kabel
Natürlich auch mit Anleitung wenn erwünscht.

  • Name:Protection board for 4S
  • Specifications
  • Over charge detection voltage: 4.28+ 0.05 V
  • Over charging voltage: 4.095-4.195V
  • Over discharge voltage: 2.55±0.08
  • Over charge detection delay time 0.1s
  • Temperature range -30-80
  • Short circuit detection delay time: 100ms
  • Over current detection delay time: 500 ms
  • Balanced current: 60mA
  • Working current: 30A
  • Over current: 60A
  • Short circuit protection function: there is, disconnect the load can be self recovery.
  • Size:45x56mm

  • function:
  • Over charge protection, over discharge protection function, short circuit protection
  • function, over current protection function, balance.

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