6S BMS 60A LiPo Li-ion Protection Board Balance PCB Battery 22V 25V Sensor

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6S 60A LiPo Li-ion Balance Board 18650 BMS PCB Battery Protection und Stecker 22V 25V
Mit Temperatur Sensor/Schalter (65°C Abschaltung)

1.Protection Circuit Board for 22.2V 6S Li-ion and Li-polymer battery pack

2.PCB applies for 6 cells Li-ion/Li-polymer battery pack with E-switch integrated, E-Switch can totaly turn off the output;
3.To prevent the battery packs from overcharge,overdischarge,over current, over temperature ,short circuit ;
4.With cell balance/equilibrium function;
5.Compatible with both Li-ion and Li-Polymer cells.
6.How balancing function works? After battery pack is fully charged. PCM will detect each cell's voltage and trim higher voltage down until other cells reach the same voltage level. Therefore, it helps cells have longer service life.


Test item


1 Voltage Charging voltage

DC:25.2V CC/CV

Balance voltage for single cell Li-ion:4.20 V±0.025V
2 Current Balance current for single cell 42±5mA
Current consumption for single cell =20µA
Maximal continuous charging and discharging current 60A
3 Over-charge Protection Over charge detection voltage 4.325±0.025V )
Over charge detection delay time 0.96S?1.4S
Over charge release voltage 4.075±0.025V
4 Over-discharge Protection Over discharge detection voltage 2.50±0.05V
Over discharge detection delay time 115?173mS
Over discharge release voltage 2.90±0.05V
5 Over-Current Protection Over current detection voltage 0.15±0.015V
Over current detection current 50±10A
Detection delay time 7.2ms?11ms
Release condition Cut load
6 Short Protection Detection condition Exterior short circuit
Detection delay time 200-500us
Release condition Cut load
7 Resistance Protection circuitry(B- to P-) =30mO
8 Temperature Operating temperature range -40~+85°C
Storage temperature range -40~+125°C
9 Size

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