NE555 Module 5V 12V Zeitschaltrelais Relay Einstellbar 10-150s Modul 24V 2,4KW

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Zeitversetztes schalten von Lampe/Motor usw. über Arduino oder andere uC mit 5V/12V Digital(High/Low) oder Analog



NE555 Relay 12V/5V


This is a 12V Conduction delay relay module

This is a brand new and high quality delay turn-on module.
The use of high-performance timing CPU design.
The power indicator LED and switch trigger timing indication LEDs

The output can be connected to AC 250V 10A DC 30V 10A load

There is the chronopotentiometry regulation time, adjustable from0 to 10 seconds by default, or by changing the capacitanceadjustment time longer

Vehicle equipment-delay to prevent car ignition, prevention of high sudden current to burn components and devices.


1.Module based on: NE555 chip.
2.Delay modue:delay connect module
3.Input voltage: DC5V
4.Control voltage: AC 0~250V / max. 10A, DC 0~30V / max. 10A the operating voltage: 12 volts DC; (otherwise 5V optional)
5.Max. load: 2200W

Main Chip (NE555) Characteristics:
1.Timing from microseconds to long hours
2.Simple circuit design
3.Precision Pulse Generation / Timing,
4.Adjustable Duty Cycle
5.Countless Application and Information Sources

Package Included:
1 * NE555 DC 12V Delay relay shield Timer Switch Adjustable Module 0 to 10 Second




NE555 Pin 5V (Without Relay)


Product description


  • 1. Size: 20mm * 40mm
    2. Function: produce different frequency square wave or rectangular wave;
    3. parameter index:
    (1) Power supply: Input voltage: 5V-12VDC. 5V supply output current is about 10MA; when 12V power supply, output current is about 30MA;
    (2) Frequency: 5 bands (Found)
    J1 file: 0.6Hz ~ 25Hz
    J2 file: 7Hz ~ 300Hz
    J3 file: 50Hz ~ 2.5kHz
    J4 block: 350kHz ~ 6.6kHz
    J5 block: 6.7kHz ~ 180kHz
    Adjustable duty cycle range: 0.4-0.99
    (3) LED output indication, the low level LED lights, LED off high, led flashing speed indicates the output frequency variation; except jump cap choice of different frequency bands outside, RV1 can adjust the frequency adjustment, regulation led flashes can be seen as adjust the frequency change corresponding to the change;
    (4) Input Current: ?100MA
    (5) Output voltage: 4.2V - 11,4V peak (with supply voltage variation).
    (6) The output frequency is calculated: Period T = 0.7 (Ra + 2Rb) C Ra, Rb is 0-10K adjustable;
    (7) Input: VCC GND Output: VCC OUT GND here input voltage and output consistent with the purpose of user-friendly, you can follow-up power supply. OUT is the output signal frequency.

Package includes:


1PCS NE555 Square Wave Frequency Adjustable Duty Cycle Pulse Signal Generator 0 to 150 Second

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